Business Insurance

Business Insurance | Insurance Associates of Carrollton - Carrollton, GA

Are you a business owner? Do you own a small or large company? Is your business protected? Is your company shielded from lawsuits? Are your employees safe? Do they have adequate health insurance?

These are all important questions that you should be asking yourself if you own a business. Insurance Associates of Carrollton can provide you with the best business insurance you can available. With our affordable rates, you can get different types of coverage that will protect both your company and your employees.

When it comes to coverage, we offer the most comprehensive plans, including:

• General Liability - This type of coverage can help your business continue working, even when there are claims against it. Whether the claims are real or not, your company doesn’t have to end its work.
• Workers Compensation - If one of your workers gets injured while he or she is at work, we can help take care of the damages. Whether your employees require a hospital stay or long-term care due to this, we will gladly cover the expenses.
• Business Auto Insurance - Car accidents happen, and that includes automobiles that are part of your business. If one of your company’s cars or trucks gets involved in a crash or other accident, we will ensure that the losses and expenses are paid for.
• Health Insurance For Your Group - Let’s face it. Most employees look to work for businesses that will provide them with a good health insurance plan. We can provide competitive health insurance plans for your entire staff.
• Business Property Insurance - You need to protect your company’s property against environmental damage, theft and other misfortunes.
• Umbrella Policy - Sometimes business insurance isn’t enough. An effective umbrella policy will provide your company with the ultimate protection, including security against lawsuits.

By calling us, we can help you choose the most suitable business insurance plan so contact us today for a free quote!