About Us

About Us | Insurance Associates of Carrollton - Carrollton, GA

Here at Insurance Associates of Carrollton, we strive our best give our clients peace of mind. We understand that in today’s very busy and hectic world, it isn’t always easy to protect your assets. That’s why we offer the best insurance plans in all of Carrollton.

We have outstanding representatives working in every department to offer you coverage in any area that you need.

Auto Insurance Department

Our auto insurance agents have studied the auto insurance regulations of the state of Georgia extensively. These experts will help you choose the best auto insurance plan for you, giving you the best coverage at very competitive rates.

Home Insurance Department

Our home insurance experts know which types of disasters are most likely to occur in Carrollton. They are also well versed when it comes to determining how your home may be affected by certain events. Using their exceptional knowledge and judgment, they will advise you on what type of insurance coverage your home will most benefit from.

Business Insurance Department

In our business insurance department, our representatives will show you how different companies have benefited from our excellent commercial coverage plans. They’ll help you decide which insurance package is right for your business and your employees, making everyone satisfied.